On Friday, Twitter did something it should have done years ago: It shut down President Donald Trump’s account and banned him from the social media platform, announcing their decision with these postings explaining the reason they had done so:

Trump later tried to use his official presidential Twitter account to spew his lies about the election and issue threats, so Twitter locked it down, too, leaving the president with no remaining accounts on the platform.

Shortly after Trump was given the heave-ho by Twitter, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton engaged in some masterful trolling of the Donald, HuffPost reports:

“Trump’s 2016 Democratic rival retweeted a post from her presidential campaign in which she demanded the then-businessman ‘delete your account’ after he mocked her for being endorsed by former President Barack Obama.”

Can you imagine just how much it must have enraged Trump to be unable to respond to Clinton? Others on Twitter certainly could, and they were delighted to give Hillary high praise for her zinger:

Somewhere in the White House, Donald Trump is letting out a primal scream as he impotently tries to assure himself that he’s still relevant.

Featured Image Via NBC News