National security expert Malcolm Nance warned that any Trump loyalists in the government or federal law enforcement agencies cannot be trusted because one of them might try to assassinate President-Elect Joe Biden.

In the wake of the attempted insurrection at the Capitol earlier this week by Trump supporters, it has been revealed that Republican lawmakers assisted the insurrectionists at the Capitol and in states across the country. Now fears are turning to January 17th, a day right-wing extremists are planning further attacks against the federal government and state legislatures in what should be considered another coup attempt.

But during an appearance on MSNBC, Nance warned that it’s not only the insurrectionists we should worry about, but also the Trump loyalists who are already inside the government and law enforcement agencies such as the Secret Service.

Specifically, Nance warned that a Trump loyalist on the Secret Service could assassinate Biden if steps are not taken to immediately purge Trump loyalists.

“Until recently I believed that these organizations like the Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, other federal law enforcement agencies, were what I call a jealous organization,” Nance began. “They are jealous of their role and their loyalty to that job. But let me point out one of the top, you know, insurrectionist people, who stokes radio every day, is Dan Bongino, the owner of Parler. He was an ex-Secret Service officer under Barack Obama. They had taken one of the senior Secret Service officers out of the Secret Service and made him a political appointee for Donald Trump, and now they’ve put him back into the Secret Service.”

“What I’m afraid of, as a counterterrorism specialist, is that we’re going to get an Indira Gandhi situation, where one of her bodyguards killed her,” Nance continued. “Rajiv Gandhi, one of the guests, allowed a woman with a suicide bomb next to him and blew him up. All bets are off now, right? A full scrub of the United States government has to be done to ensure that all members of government, no matter their party, are kept safe.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

This is a warning Biden and anyone who truly loves democracy and our nation should take seriously. It would only be too easy for a Trump-loving Secret Service agent to get close to Biden and execute him. The same can be true of other Trump loyalists within the government as well, who would likely work to sabotage Biden’s administration from within. In this way, Trump would be operating a shadow government, a true deep state.

That’s why Biden and his team must purge every single Trump loyalist regardless of whether they are an appointee or hired through the civil service. Every Trump loyalist is dangerous to our nation. They are traitors who are loyal to Trump, not our country. The only way to keep Biden safe and guarantee that his administration can move forward is by making sure not a single Trump loyalist remains.

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