Conservatives across the country are whining after Google, Amazon, and Apple officially forced right-wing social media platform Parler to shut down in the wake of the Capitol insurrection that left five people dead and democracy at risk.

After the attempted coup to keep disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump in power failed, Twitter finally permanently banned Trump for inciting further violence.

Twitter then proceeded to suspend or ban many other conservatives, including Trump allies, those who participated in the Capitol coup, and thousands of bot accounts. Needless to say, Republicans have been throwing a fit over it, even accusing Twitter of violating their First Amendment rights despite the fact that the First Amendment only protects free speech from being crushed by the government, not private companies that have the absolute right to bar hate speech that violates the rules and standards users agree to when they sign up.

And so, many conservatives began jumping to Parler to get around Twitter’s rules, but Amazon, Google, and Apple removed the app and will not host their servers because many users are inciting violence and spouting hate speech. Parler is now dead, and Jeanine Pirro thinks that’s somehow comparable to when the Nazis murdered 100 Jews during Kristallnacht in 1935.

“They gave us a taste of this pre-election when they suppressed the Hunter Biden story,” Pirro claimed. “And now that they’ve won, what we’re seeing is a kind of censorship that is akin to a Kristallnacht, where they decide what we can communicate about. They’re coming in and saying, if you’re on the right, we don’t want you to speak, we don’t want anyone to hear what you’ve got to say. But they can’t deny the fact that there are 75 million people who voted for President Trump, 88 million Twitter followers.”

Over 80 million Americans voted for President-Elect Biden, yet Trump supporters tried to forcefully nullify those votes, first by pushing repeatedly debunked election fraud allegations without providing any proof whatsoever and then storming the Capitol when they didn’t get their way. As for the Hunter Biden story, it has also been debunked. He’s being investigated for alleged tax evasion, but that’s it.

“This is the kind of thing that is not going to go away,” Pirro continued. “The people who are being suppressed are not going to go away. This is not going to bode well in 2022. But the real issue is, is this the America that our Founding Fathers intended? Since when are people telling us we can’t say x, y or z or if you say it you’ll be cancelled. The Supreme Court has said hate speech is protected speech — and I’m not saying any of this is hate speech. This is just frightening! This is China, this is Russia, this is not the United States. How dare they do this to us?”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Again, the Constitution only protects free speech from being censored by the government. Twitter is a private entity. It’s the Chinese and Russian governments that censor free speech in their own nations. Conservatives agreed to abide by set rules and standards laid out in a user agreement Twitter provided in order to open an account. Those rules include hate speech and inciting violence against others. Apparently, conservatives don’t think the rules apply to them, but they do.

Parler only has itself to blame for being shut down. It had a chance to start dealing with users who were perpetuating hate speech and violence on their platform and refused to do so, forcing Google, Amazon, and Apple to exercise their rights to remove the app for violating terms of service.

As a former judge, Pirro should know that Twitter suspensions and Parler being shut down are not violations of free speech. The government did not make these decisions, private businesses did. If conservatives want to use these platforms, they have to abide by the rules. Since they are incapable of doing that, it’s best they stay off social media.

Pirro’s comparison to Kristallnacht is insulting. Nobody has been murdered by these private companies. But Trump supporters did murder people at the Capitol. The fact that Pirro is not more enraged by that makes her part of the problem. Her rhetoric is incendiary and should result in her being fired.

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