Trump-loving QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) threw a hissy fit over Kieth Olbermann informing her on Twitter that she’s going to prison, even whining about the tweet to the FBI in a typical “Karen” overreaction.

Greene, a certified ignorant twit who believes she can single-handedly impeach President-Elect Joe Biden after he takes office, is one of the House Republicans who refused to wear a mask during the failed insurrection at the Capitol last week, putting other lawmakers at risk of contracting the coronavirus in closed quarters safe rooms. Greene is also under fire for helping insurrectionists conduct reconnaissance of the Capitol building the day before by giving them a personalized tour, making her an accessory to treason against the nation.

If that’s not enough, she’s also still repeating debunked election fraud allegations and crazy conspiracy theories, making her one of the most incendiary members of Congress in only her second week.

Her stances and behavior have caused concerns among Democrats that their Republican colleagues want them dead, which Benjy Sarlin reported for NBC News. Of course, Greene complained about the story because it didn’t include her wild and unfounded attacks on Democrats.

Again, Greene faces legal consequences if an investigation confirms that she aided the insurrectionists, who were somehow able to find certain Democratic offices, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s, upon storming the Capitol. She could be expelled from Congress and even prosecuted. That’s why Olbermann responded thusly:

And so, a triggered Greene tagged the FBI and Twitter in a response falsely accusing Olbermann of threatening violence against her and attacked the media and liberals using the same incendiary rhetoric that has been used for years to incite right-wing extremists to commit the kind of violence the nation witnessed on January 6th.

Greene should be banned from Twitter for abusing the platform. The FBI shouldn’t be bothered over a tweet that doesn’t make a threat of any kind. In fact, her rhetoric is inciting violence against Democrats and is dangerous enough that Twitter should be suspending her permanently.

Olbermann fired back by referring to Greene as a “snowflake” and noted that his tweet was not threatening in the slightest.

Seriously, Georgia can do better.

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