Disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump’s useless entitled daughter Ivanka attempted to hype her dad’s supposed “accomplishments” as she prepares to exit the White House as part of the most loathed administration in history, only to be buried with truth by angry Americans who are tired of the lies.

For four years, Trump took credit for things that can be directly attributed to former President Barack Obama’s policies, such as unemployment dropping under 4 percent and ISIS being beaten back in the Middle East. As we all know, however, Trump’s policies resulted in the economy crashing and ISIS is back on the rise because Trump abandoned the fight and our allies.

In the end, he did not build a wall along the border, he didn’t replace Obamacare with a better healthcare system, he didn’t protect the country from the coronavirus pandemic, he didn’t bring peace to the Middle East, and he didn’t stop North Korea from building nuclear weapons. A president who repeatedly claimed to be “winning” did an awful lot of losing, and is now leaving office with a 29 percent approval rating, two impeachments, and only one single term. He’s the one-term president Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) once declared Obama would be.

Trump’s legacy of destruction also includes disastrous tax cuts for the wealthy in a tax law that is set to raise taxes on the rest of us over the next several years starting this year, something that Republicans will no doubt try to blame on President-Elect Joe Biden. Trump’s tax law and trade wars contributed to the economic collapse and unemployment rate spike that occurred early in 2020, pushed over the edge by a pandemic Trump called a “hoax” and has now killed 400,000 Americans.

In addition, Trump ruined America’s reputation around the globe, alienated our allies, and let Russian dictator Vladimir Putin pull his strings, all to Russia’s advantage. Trump let Putin put bounties on the lives of American troops in Afghanistan, withdrew from multiple landmark treaties. Russia even hacked our government and Trump did not even bat an eyelash in concern.

In every way, Trump’s presidency is the worst on record, including the worst on the environment and worst on civil rights. But worst of all were Trump’s attacks on the rule of law and democracy, which culminated in the failed insurrection at the Capitol last week in an attempt to overthrow the election results.

The list goes on and on, yet Ivanka Trump, still desperate for a future in public office herself, tried to frame her daddy’s presidency as some sort of success.

Of course, Trump spent a year of his presidency on the golf course at taxpayer expense and several hours every day in “executive time” during which he watched television and posted angry tweets on Twitter rather than read national security briefs.

Twitter users refused to let Ivanka control the narrative about her dad’s legacy.

Her dad’s failed presidency should follow Ivanka for the rest of her life and prevent her and her siblings from ever holding public office. The effects of Trump’s presidency will have a lasting negative impact on the nation. It will take many years to clean up his mess. And he could still be convicted by the Senate in a second impeachment trial and barred from ever again running for public office, one final stain on a presidency that Americans want to forget ever happened.

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