In one final insult to our nation’s armed forces, disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump wants a military send-off the morning of Inauguration Day before he leaves office.

On Tuesday, Trump’s term in office will officially come to a merciful end after a four year nightmare that has nearly crippled the country. The coronavirus pandemic has killed nearly 400,000 Americans and will continue killing hundreds of thousands more even after Trump leaves office because of his incompetence. The economy is in shambles. And it’s all capped off with a failed insurrection at the Capitol that Trump himself instigated in a scheme to stay in power and overthrow democracy.

The last thing Trump should get is military honors the day the door hits him on the a** on the way out of Washington DC, but that’s what he is orchestrating in his final hours as president.

According to ABC News:

Trump has requested a large sendoff to be planned for the morning of Jan. 20, sources said, after he choppers via Marine One to Joint Base Andrews, where he is expected to give remarks to supporters and departing members of his administration.

Sources add that Trump has requested his departure ceremony to have a “military-like feel,” although details are not finalized.

He hopes to depart to the blare of a military band, with a red carpet and military honors, according to sources briefed on the plans. Even some sort of military flyover has been suggested, they said.

The president will then fly down to Mar-a-Lago aboard Air Force One with a small number of staffers who will be part of his post-presidency operation, the sources said.

It should also be pointed out that Trump is cutting and running from DC prior to President-Elect Joe Biden taking office so he doesn’t have to ask permission to use Air Force One to depart, another act of pettiness that brings shame to himself and the Republican Party. He does know that Air Force One is not his to keep, right? Because Trump is already looting things from the White House that aren’t his to keep.

This is one request that the military should deny. It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars just so Trump can pretend he’s an exiled dictator instead of a loser one-term president. A five-time draft dodger who referred to fallen soldiers as “losers” and “suckers” should not receive military honors, especially since he is a traitor who instigated an attempted coup and has been impeached twice. The military would be better off refusing to grant Trump’s request lest their reputation fall even further than it already has over the last four years under Trump. The military has been used like a willing pawn in Trump’s fantasies of being a dictator. It should never have started in the first place and it should be stopped now.

Trump is a coward, and granting this request only proves that our military leadership are a bunch of cowards, too. They can prove otherwise by telling Trump that he won’t getting one last shot to boost his frail ego.

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