Now that he has less than three days and a wakeup left in the White House, President Donald Trump is turning his attention to what happens after he’s no longer head of state, according to the Washington Post, and one of the things he’s reportedly got planned is raising some $2 billion for a presidential library:

“Speculation is also coursing through Trump World about a possible presidential library and museum. No announcements have been made, but two people familiar with internal discussions said it is likely to be located in Florida and run by Dan Scavino, one of Trump’s longest-serving and most loyal aides who advises him on social media and most recently served as deputy White House chief of staff.

“One of these people, who was a top fundraiser on Trump’s campaign, said the president has told supporters he wants to raise $2 billion for the library — a far greater sum than has been raised for past presidential libraries — and thinks he can collect it in small-dollar donations from his grass-roots supporters.”

That was all it took for social media to explode with mockery at the idea of Trump needing $2 billion for a place to house some coloring books and issues of the National Enquirer:

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