Fox host Sean Hannity said Monday evening that Democrats are only interested in making sure that Republicans remain silent as they implement the agenda the majority of American voters elected them to enact.

Hannity began by lumping Democrats together with the mainstream media and big tech companies, declaring that former “Today” host Katie Couric and Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post believe Trump supporters need to be “deprogrammed,” adding:

“This kind of rhetoric is now commonplace on the left. [Robinson] wondered [on MSNBC] how mostly white, mostly Republican voters, how do we deprogram them? Into what? Little socialists like you?”

The Fox host then played a video clip of Robinson calling Trump voters “members of a cult.” In another clip, Couric remarked that it was “bizarre” to see GOP lawmakers “believing the garbage they are being fed 24/7 on the Internet [and] by their constituents.”

Clearly, Hannity incorrectly surmised, this is all part of a nefarious plan:

“Reeducation camps, deprogramming, OK. According to the press wing of the Democratic-Establishment Socialist Party, you, we the people, we need to be deprogrammed or put in reeducation camps because our political opinion differs from theirs.

“They are little totalitarians. Their one goal is to shut you up; shut us up.”

Hannity concluded his unhinged rant by saying that Democrats are hell-bent on enacting a “radical” platform that includes the Green New Deal and open borders:

“[It’s] everything we warned you about. Noticeably missing from the Biden-Harris agenda, anything actually related to unity. After an extremely close and contentious election, no one on the left actually wants to bring 75 million Trump voters into the fold. Quite the opposite.”

Poor Sean! He simply cannot accept that 81 million Americans voted for the Biden-Harris ticket and gave President Donald Trump the boot. Four years ago, he was telling Democrats to accept Trump as their president and move on. Now, however, he’s crying his eyes out and spreading BS on the air as Fox’s ratings tank. How’s that for ironic?

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