Former President Donald Trump’s loyal aide Stephen Miller turned into a giant snowflake in reaction to President Joe Biden reversing one of the most racist policies that came out of the last fours years.

Not long after Biden took office on Wednesday after a glorious inauguration ceremony, he went right to work by issuing 17 executive orders seeking to repair a lot of damage Trump and his minions inflicted.

One executive order brought the United States back in the Paris climate agreement. Another re-establishes our partnership with the World Health Organization. Biden also killed the wasteful and environmentally unfriendly Keystone XL pipeline, outlined new financial and health protections for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, re-establishes protection for Dreamers, and stops construction of what little border wall had been built.

But the executive order that got Miller’s panties in a bunch is the reversal of Trump’s Muslim travel ban that barred entry into the United States by people from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, Eritrea, Nigeria, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, and Tanzania.

Miller had been instrumental in getting the racist policy created and issued, and stood as his biggest wink to Trump’s Nazi supporters along with locking brown children in cages. So it’s no wonder then that he whined about Biden’s executive order. He even claimed that removing the ban would put America at risk from terrorists. Seriously.

The problem is that terrorism from right-wing groups in the United States is more of a threat than terrorism from the Middle East. That is literally demonstrated statistically. Former FBI agent Asha Rangappa particularly owned Miller with this little factoid.

Indeed, Trump supporters literally launched a failed insurrection attempt against the Capitol just two weeks ago, putting our nation and democracy more at risk of being destroyed than terrorists in the Middle East could have ever dreamed of doing themselves.

Many of those Trump terrorists are ironically now on the no-fly list, which is basically a travel ban. This ban, however, was absolutely warranted whereas Trump’s ban on Muslims was not. It was racist. And so is Stephen Miller.

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