It turns out that disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump did not have to be dragged from the White House after all. That likely disappointed many Americans, but most just said good riddance.

Not too long ago, Trump announced that he would not be attending the inauguration, not only because he refuses to acknowledge that President-Elect Joe Biden rightfully won the 2020 Election, but because he didn’t want to ask permission to ride out of town on Air Force One.

On Wednesday morning, Trump boarded Marine One for the final time after one last chopper-talk session with reporters in which he horrifyingly told them that he’ll see them again. Most notably, staffers and supporters were not present for Trump’s departure as is traditional when a president leaves office. Trump waved prior to boarding as if anyone actually cared and then took off for Joint Base Andrews where he delivered final remarks to a very sparse crowd.

In front of a background of American flags, because he has to disgrace the flag one last time as well, Trump spoke truth for once when he admitted that his presidency was an “unusual” one.

Trump’s send-off was truly pathetic, much smaller than former President Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago when he left office in 2017, book-ending a presidency that began with a small inauguration crowd. Trump was greeted by cannon fire as “All Hail The Chief” played, but he did not get the military pomp that he had been hoping to receive, nor did he deserve.

Not even Trump’s Republican allies in Congress bothered to show up, including Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Also absent was outgoing Vice President Mike Pence. Instead of attending Trump’s pity party, they chose to attend Biden’s inauguration. That alone speaks volumes.

Finally, Trump and outgoing First Lady Melania Trump tucked their tails between their legs, boarded Air Force One, and headed for Palm Beach, Florida in shame, bringing the worst presidency in history to an ignominious and whimpering end.

American now await the presidency of Joe Biden to officially begin at noon.

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