Fox News host Tucker Carlson is enraged that Congressional Democrats are calling for the FBI to focus on and investigate white nationalist groups who engage in domestic terrorism and many believe are the single-biggest threat to the United States.

On his show Tuesday evening, Carlson attacked Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Media Matters reports:

“Equity and inclusion means that you will believe what they tell you to believe, period. Or else you’re a terrorist and they can hurt you because we hurt terrorists. Listen to America’s new grand inquisitor, Adam Schiff of California.”

Carlson then played a video clip of Schiff, who explained his concerns about homegrown white nationalist terror groups:

“We have been urging for some time that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security raise the priority to domestic terrorism to white nationalism as it threatens the country and we’re gonna continue sounding the alarm and make sure that they’re devoting the resources, the time, the attention just as we did after 9/11 to the threat from international terrorism we need to give the same priority and urgency to domestic terrorism.”

Schiff is merely saying we need to pay attention to every threat that confronts the nation and its citizens. How can it be controversial to go after groups that want to murder innocent Americans? Murder and terrorism are wrong no matter who perpetrates them.

But not according to Carlson, who then raised the name of Osama bin Laden to try and make his absurd argument valid:

“Got that? Vote the wrong way, and you are a jihadi. You thought you were an American citizen with rights and just a different view. No, you’re a jihadi. And we are going to treat you the way we treated those radicals after 9/11, the way we treated bin Laden. Get in line pal, this is a war on terror. Keep in mind as you listen to people talk like this, and Adam Schiff is far from the only one, keep in mind they’re talking about American citizens. They’re talking about you.”

Poppycock! Schiff didn’t say those who “vote the wrong way” should be investigated, and Carlson knows it. But a terrorist is a terrorist, no matter what fanatical brand of hatred that person uses as a justification for his or her actions. If Tucker Carlson can’t see and understand that, then he needs to be taken off the air.

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