By far the most pathetic Republican in the Senate, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is once again prepared to go easy on disgraced former President Donald Trump while saving her ire for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) instead.

Just to be clear, Trump is the one who incited an insurrection at the Capitol earlier this month in a bid to stay in power and overthrow democracy, not Schumer. Yet, Collins opposes impeaching Trump to make sure he can never run for office again and would rather censure him.

Indeed, Collins was one of the 45 Republicans who voted against holding an impeachment trial, arguing that it’s unconstitutional since Trump is no longer in office. So, she’s not only pathetic and weak, she’s ignorant, too, because impeachment is also about barring a corrupt pubic official from ever holding office again, as outlined by the Constitution itself.

And Collins made it quite clear that she will likely vote to acquit Trump even after all of the evidence is presented in a thorough trial, unlike the first time Trump was impeached when Republicans refused to hear from witnesses and did not care about additional evidence. Collins and her colleagues rigged that trial and acquitted Trump for trying to extort Ukraine into interfering with the 2020 Election and obstructing the investigation.

“I think it’s pretty obvious from the vote…that it is extraordinarily unlikely that the president will be convicted,” Collins said. “Just do the math.”

67 votes are required for conviction in an impeachment trial. It should be an easy conviction considering the evidence. Trump instigated the terrorist attack against the Capitol. Insurrectionists intended to find and assassinate several lawmakers and former Vice President Mike Pence and sought to stop the certification of the election results and forcibly make Trump a dictator. Collins herself could even have been killed. In fact, Collins obviously has not learned a damn thing after she claimed in the wake of Trump’s first impeachment that he had “learned his lesson” and would not try to abuse his power again.

Trump made her look like a fool and put her life at risk and yet she STILL won’t vote to convict him so he can’t run for office again.

She should be enraged by Trump’s behavior. Instead, she’s lashing out at Schumer over campaign ads ran against her last year.

“What bothered me the most about the type of campaign Chuck ran against me is that he attacked my integrity,” Collins told CNN. “What this campaign taught me about Chuck Schumer is that he will say or do anything in order to win. It was a deceitful, despicable campaign that he ran.”

However, Collins does not have integrity. She has proven that time and time again with her defense of Trump, who really will say or do anything to win. He incited a terrorist attack on the Capitol to stay in power. Schumer ran campaign ads. There’s a huge difference, but Collins doesn’t understand that or she refuses to acknowledge it.

History will remember her as a wishy-washy senator who repeatedly failed or refused to protect the Constitution. She has a chance to change her legacy by voting to convict Trump, but she won’t even though she was just elected to serve another six-year term.

She’ll be known as the senator who coddled Trump even though he has repeatedly made her look stupid and weak, demonstrating that she does not belong in the Senate and Maine voters should be ashamed of themselves for keeping her there.

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