The Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is set to begin in eight days, and it now appears that Trump will be forced to serve as his own attorney because all of his lawyers are refusing to represent him, according to CNN:

“Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin, according to people familiar with the case, amid a disagreement over his legal strategy.

“Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who were expected to be two of the lead attorneys, are no longer on the team. A source familiar with the changes said it was a mutual decision for both to leave the legal team. As the lead attorney, Bowers assembled the team.

Josh Howard, a North Carolina attorney who was recently added to the team, has also left, according to another source familiar with the changes.

“Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris, from South Carolina, are no longer involved with the case, either.”

The CNN report led former federal prosecutor Elie Honig to suggest that Trump may be forced to defend himself, which could well set off a circus-like atmosphere in the Senate:

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times noted that Trump was fine with representing himself because it would save him money:

A Senate trial featuring Trump spouting conspiracy theories and lies about how the 2020 election was “stolen” from him would indeed be entertaining, but it would also be a distraction from the very real charges the former president faces. He is accused of inciting insurrection with remarks he made prior to the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol which left five dead, including a police officer.

Featured Image Via NBC News