According to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, there’s no insurrection by Trump supporters and right-wing domestic terrorists taking place in the United States and the real blame for any such uprising lies with President Joe Biden.

Yes, she actually said that.

On her show Monday evening, Ingraham laid out an elaborate conspiracy theory for her viewers, Newsweek reports:

“The Democrats and the media that serve them are like addicts looking for their next fix, and their drug of choice over the past five years has been Donald Trump.”

According to Ingraham, the impeachment trial of Trump which begins today is little more than a “shiny object” meant to divert the public’s attention:

“If you’re conservative and you voted for Trump, they want you demoralized by the impeachment proceedings and the January 6th riot and they want you to believe things will never get better.

“There is an insurrection taking place against America, all right. It’s been going on for years in the deepest depths of the D.C. swamp. And now its figurehead resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Ingraham then went on to add that the insurrection being led by Biden is trying to “overthrow everything we love about America” and placed more blame:

“This is an organized mob funded by billionaires, supported by celebrities and its aided and abetted by propagandic news organizations every step of the way.”

There was also the obligatory warning that Democrats would turn the country over to immigrants:

“Democrats are arguing that Trump welcomed and incited a violent incursion into the capitol when it is they who are enticing illegals to bust through our borders, exploiting our resources and commit crimes. And we’re not talking about a few hundreds, we’re talking hundreds of thousands and eventually millions, if the Democrats have their way.”

Blah blah blah. Same old nonsense from the right wing. They want to blame others for Trump’s failures and distract their viewers from the fact that Trump and his minions committed sedition on January 6. But the American people know who’s to blame, and it sure as hell isn’t Joe Biden.

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