Former First Lady Melania Trump is trying to put Washington and the White House behind her, maintaining a relaxing daily routine at her husband’s Mar-a-Lago resort, but things keep popping up that remind her of just how hated the former president is and how badly her own reputation has been damaged by her connection to him.

Kate Bennett of CNN reports that most days Melania does little other than go to the spa and take her evening meal with family members:

“She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa (again) and has dinner with Donald on the patio,” said one person familiar with Melania Trump’s schedule at Mar-a-Lago, her home in Palm Beach, Florida. “Rinse and repeat. Every day.”

“She almost always does dinner,” said a third person who has seen Trump outside of the spa. She spends her evenings on the outdoor patio of Mar-a-Lago, where she prefers fish for an entrée, according to the source, and is often joined at the table by her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who reside in a private suite of rooms at Mar-a-Lago for much of the year.

Despite her relaxing routine, there are moments of “bitterness,” especially when Melania recalls that her approval ratings when she left the White House were the lowest of any first lady history while those of her successor, Dr. Jill Biden, continue to rise:

“When Trump left Washington, she had the worst favorability ratings of any modern first lady upon departure from the White House, according to polling conducted by SSRS for CNN.

“At one time, early in her tenure, that wasn’t the case — Melania Trump was the most-liked member of the Trump family and the broader administration. But it’s possible that Donald Trump’s incendiary style, even though not necessarily something his wife condoned, had the residual effect of chipping away at the first lady’s popularity. After the January 6 attack on the Capitol, Melania Trump did not make a statement denouncing the violence for five days.

“But Trump’s most fervent ire has come from watching Jill Biden kick off her East Wing tenure on nearly the antithesis of the path Trump took. Biden moved into the White House right away, for starters, and had a staff hired and fleshed out within two weeks of the inauguration. Trump, meanwhile, remained in New York for the first five months of the administration, ostensibly to let son Barron finish up the school year; she never had more than 12 people on her White House staff, at times there were as few as seven. (Jill Biden already has nearly a dozen full-time staff members and is expected to add more.)”

Who is to blame for Melania’s lack of good standing among the American populace? Not her, as she blames everyone but herself for her current predicament:

“She’s blaming others — former staff members, magazine editors, and corporations and foundations that opted not to work with her because of the former President’s political rhetoric.”

Much like her husband, Melania cannot accept any responsibility for her actions over the past four years. Remember the jacket she wore to visit migrant children in detention centers that had a message on the back which read “I really don’t care, do you”? And then there are her complaints to her longtime BFF Stephanie Winston Wolcott that she hated having the decorate the White House every year for Christmas.

If indeed Melania is bitter, she doesn’t need to look any further than the nearest mirror to discover who’s to blame.

Featured Image Via NBC News