As millions of Texans are being forced to go without heat or water service, Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz allegedly decided he’d take a trip to Cancun, Mexico, and catch some rays.

According to Mediaite, images began circulating on Twitter Wednesday evening that purport to show Cruz at the airport, leaving his constituents behind in their misery:

“Arctic temperatures in Texas have caused dangerous power outages across the state, as much of the state’s electrical grid appears to have collapsed due to a variety of reasons. According to a CBS News report, there are 24 deaths so far related to the winter storm emergency, and 2.5 million residents are still without power. It is not a pleasant time to be in Texas, which illustrates why there is such outrage over claims that one of the highest-ranked elected officials in Texas is currently fleeing a state in dire need of leadership.”

Former MSNBC anchor David Shuster said he had confirmed that Cruz did indeed leave the country:

Other online sleuths then joined the party, seeming to add validity to the claims that Cruz had left his fellow Texans to suffer through the worst ice storm in a decade:

Outrage was plentiful on social media:

The ball’s in your court, Teddy Boy. All you have to do is prove you’re not the jerk we all believe you to be.

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