Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is so desperate to wriggle out of his scandalous trip to Cancun as his state suffers through a disastrous winter freeze, that he went the pathetic route of blaming his own daughters for it.

Cruz got caught on a flight to sunny and warm Cancun on Wednesday night with his family as millions of Texans struggle to stay warm and stay alive during winter weather that has devastated the state’s energy infrastructure and has caused food and water shortages.

The furor over his trip went viral and forced Cruz to purchase an immediate flight back to Texas in economy class. Upon landing in Houston, Cruz had the gall to ask police to escort him out of the busy airport as if they didn’t have more important things to do. You know, like saving lives.

Rather than take responsibility for his own actions, Cruz threw his daughters under the bus instead.

“Like millions of Texans our family lost heat and power too,” Cruz said in a statement. “With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon.”

As those girls grow up, they are going to be embarrassed that their dad scapegoated them.

Cruz insisted that he was keeping in touch with his staff about the situation in Texas and seemed to suggest that he planned all along to just escort his family to Cancun and fly right back.

However, that’s a lie, according to a travel industry reporter. Because, unfortunately for Cruz, there is a such thing as airline records.

Far from just being a one night deal, Cruz had originally planned on being in Cancun until Saturday, all while people freeze to death in Texas with nowhere to go. Making matters worse, Cruz urged Texans to stay home during a radio show on February 15th as he planned his own escape to Mexico. Just more “do as I say, not as I do” conservative hypocrisy.

“I was speaking this weekend with a meteorologist expert who was saying (that with) the combination of these two storms, we could see 100 people lose their lives this week in Texas. So, don’t risk it. Keep your family safe, and just stay home and hug your kids,” Cruz said.

Texans are rightfully outraged by Cruz’s trip to Cancun and they should demand his resignation. He fled to Cancun with his family while his constituents were left to freeze to death in their homes and struggle for basic food and water. It’s beyond insulting, and is akin to when French Queen Marie Antoinette allegedly quipped “Let them eat cake” in response to her people starving. And we all know what happened to her in the end.

The least Cruz can do is step down and let someone who actually cares about Texans replace him in the Senate.

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