Former Trump administration senior adviser Stephen Miller seems to think that even though Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, President Joe Biden should adopt the former administration’s restrictive immigration policy instead of proposing one of their own.

Miller was a guest on Fox Business, speaking with host Maria Bartiromo, who prefaced her interview by proclaiming that a “new border crisis” has begun because the Biden administration has announced its comprehensive immigration reform policy and legislation.

For his part, Miller began whining that Biden’s plan would destroy the United States:

“The legislation put forward by Biden and congressional Democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood.

“This is madness! This administration has already dismantled border security, canceling President Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and with the northern triangle countries, restoring catch and release and additionally gutting interior enforcement, issuing a memo, preventing ICE from removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters!”

The more he spoke, the more agitated Miller became, shouting:

“This is a policy choice disguised falsely to the court and to the country as a resource issue! That is a lie and it’s a lie that threatens public safety.”

Bartiromo could only respond, “Wow!”

Near the end of the interview, Miller asserted that the United States has the resources to conduct immigration enforcement, but not enough for treating immigrants with compassion:

“So ask yourself, who is going to pay for the education? What does it mean when classrooms, God willing, reopen? What does it mean for classroom size? What does it mean for health care? Then you add on top of that the families that are being released. Who is paying for the medical bills? Who’s paying for the health care costs?

“That’s coming out of your pocket book! And it’s a public safety issue!”

Still on his extended harangue, Miller concluded with this:

“If you give low-skilled, illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, that will mean a net fiscal transfer of trillions of dollars long term to pay for Social Security, to pay for medical care, to pay for Medicaid. “It’s an extraordinary expense to give that to 20 million illegal immigrants.”

Problem is, that’s simply not true. Numerous studies have shown that giving more immigrants a pathway to citizenship will actually benefit Social Security and other social programs because it will increase the tax base and benefit the country in the long run.

Much like his former boss, Stephen Miller cannot stand the fact that he’s now irrelevant. But he is, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

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