Disgraced former President Donald Trump not only met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, offered him concessions that weakened our national security and that of our allies, and saluted a North Korean military officer, he also offered him a ride on Air Force One.

Trump was a propaganda bonanza for North Korea during his presidency. Despite no American president ever agreeing to personally meet with a North Korean leader, Trump decided to give Kim Jong-un an official meeting at a summit in Singapore back in 2018 even though North Korea had done nothing to earn it.

During that summit, Trump further disgraced the presidency and embarrassed the United States by saluting a North Korean general. No president would have saluted an enemy military official, but Trump did so, thus handing North Korea a propaganda prize.

On top of that, Trump would go on to offer military concessions to North Korea, including concessions that weakened our national security and put our Asian allies in serious jeopardy, such as suspending joint military exercises that promote readiness and cooperation.

Not once did North Korea ever offer any concessions in return. Kim Jong-un certainly never suspended his country’s nuclear weapons program and is a bigger threat today because Trump enabled him for four years.

But it turns out that Trump also offered Kim Jong-un a ride back to North Korea on Air Force One after their failed summit in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2019.

According to the BBC:

“President Trump offered Kim a lift home on Air Force One,” said Matthew Pottinger, the top Asia expert on Trump’s National Security Council. “The president knew that Kim had arrived on a multi-day train ride through China into Hanoi and the president said: ‘I can get you home in two hours if you want.’ Kim declined.”

It’s bad enough that Trump disgraced Air Force One every time he stepped aboard, letting Kim Jong-un and presumably some other North Korean officials on the airplane is beyond disgraceful. It demonstrates just how weak Trump was as president and that he was the top threat to American national security. And yet Republicans still worship him.

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