Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo had a full-scale meltdown Monday morning during an interview with Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) while discussing the COVID relief bill that recently passed the House of Representatives with absolutely no Republicans supporting the legislation.

Over the course of the 10-minute interview, Bartiromo repeatedly raised her voice, yelled, and interrupted Dingell, starting when the Fox host declared:

“The schools are not open yet, Congresswoman, so there’s that.”

Dingell replied:

“They need the money to open.”

Clearly agitated, Bartiromo began to rail:

“Oh, come on. And all of these businesses that are affected by COVID, you’re saying the arts and humanities were affected severely by COVID, that’s why 300 million dollars is going there?
“Museums! And the $200 million going for museums and then that rail car in San Francisco that Nancy Pelosi has been funding, putting as much money as she can every act, every bill — that!”
Later in the conversation (which was mostly Bartiromo ranting), she went off yet another tangent:

“I don’t want to see anybody go under! But people are going under because of the rules and regulations of the Democrat [sic] governors who will not allow these small businesses to open!

“That’s what’s going to get this economy to open, not money for the arts! And money for the schools, where the teachers won’t go back to work! What is stopping teachers from going back to work? Follow the science! Why aren’t we following the science? Young kids are not necessarily vulnerable the way older Americans are vulnerable. How come teachers won’t go back to work? They’re getting billions more in this package! What is it going to take to get them back to work?”

Bartiromo also took time to attack mail-in voting, which isn’t even addressed in the relief package:

“Ballots go to dead people’s homes!. And ballots go to parking lots and they come back filled out. I think we all know what the vulnerabilities are around mail-in balloting. And how come you’re not stressing having an I.D. to vote? How about having an I.D. to vote? What’s wrong with that? You have to have an I.D. to buy a beer! How come you don’t have an I.D. to vote?”

Memo to Maria Bartiromo: Switch to decaf coffee immediately and try to get a grip on yourself.

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