Proving once again that he never cared about his supporters, disgraced former President Donald Trump received the coronavirus vaccine in January and didn’t tell them about it.

Trump repeatedly downplayed the coronavirus and refused to take the pandemic seriously, even demonizing the use of masks.

But when the vaccine first became available, Trump seemed to refuse to take it himself, and his supporters largely followed his lead, with at least 41 percent of Republicans saying they will not get vaccinated despite over 500,000 American deaths from the virus.

Over a month after leaving office, Trump finally endorsed the vaccine at CPAC in a bonkers attack on President Joe Biden to match his other bonkers remarks.

“Remember, we took care of a lot of people, including, I guess on December 21st, we took care of Joe Biden, because he got his shot,” Trump said. “He got his vaccine. He forgot. It shows you how unpainful that vaccine shot is. So everybody go get your shot. He forgot. So it wasn’t very traumatic, obviously. But he got his shot. And it’s good that he got his shot.”

Biden did not forget to get his shot, nor has he forgotten that he got it. In fact, Biden received his vaccine publicly to motivate Americans to take the vaccine as well, and recently paid tribute to the victims of the virus, which is something Trump never did.

Something else Trump didn’t do is get his vaccine publicly, but he did do it in secret while neglecting to inform his supporters, leaving them to continue risking infection and death as he received the protective benefits offered by the vaccine.

Clearly, the vaccine is safe or else Trump would not have taken it. His supporters were led to believe that the vaccine was unsafe or some government plot against them. Trump lied to them. They were duped by him, and many have likely died from the virus because they believed they were emulating him. Trump supporters ought to be enraged at him instead of worshiping him.

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