The House should have expelled QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) because she’s continuing to make a nuisance of herself to the point that even Republicans are joining the Democrats to shut her down.

For the third time in a week, Greene moved to adjourn the House in a scheme to delay or prevent votes from being taken on several key pieces of legislation, including those pertaining to election and police reform.

It’s only been weeks since Green was removed from her committee assignments over her offensive and outrageous statements and behavior. Clearly, however, she’s not standing down in her quest to be the most annoying and obstructionist member of the House.

For some reason, any member of the House can request an adjournment whenever they want, thus forcing the entire House to waste time on a pointless vote that will end with a majority vote to deny the request.

On Wednesday, Greene made yet another such motion.

Then she attacked Democrats and accused them of pursuing a “radical” agenda.

Democrats want accountability in policing, and they want elections to be free and fair for everyone. There’s nothing “radical” about that at all. Meanwhile, Republicans are pushing voter suppression laws designed to keep themselves in power and supported the Capitol insurrection that resulted in a police officer being murdered and several more being brutally assaulted by Trump supporters.

Fed up with her antics, 18 House Republicans joined Democrats to shoot down her motion to adjourn.

This is why Democrats should have pushed to expel Greene. She’s not there to work for her constituents. She’s only there to draw attention to herself by being the most obnoxious and toxic member. It’s time to end the madness and kick her out. She’s not worthy of being a member of Congress.

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