Over the past few weeks, Republicans in Congress have chosen to focus on the culture wars (i.e. Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss) instead of solving the main problem which confronts the nation: The ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has claimed the lives of 520,000 Americans and counting.

According to Politico, the right-wing media universe has eagerly assisted in pushing the GOP’s specious claims that Democrats are engaged in what they refer to as “cancel culture,” but they’re AWOL when it comes to providing solutions to the COVID-19 crisis which began and reached mammoth proportions under former President Donald Trump:

“Over the past few weeks, Republicans have simmered over the ‘cancellation’ of seemingly innocent family favorites, including the venerated Mr. Potato Head toy and Dr. Seuss books. Glenn Beck has likened it to fascism. Fox News has covered it obsessively. In recent days, conservative legislators have made speeches at confabs and in the halls of Congress, warning about what they describe as out of control PC culture. And yet, even as it becomes all consuming on the right, White House advisers and Biden aides insist they’re unbothered by the culture-wars-du-jour.”

While the GOP may be able to rally its shrinking base with such frivolous matters, the Biden administration just keeps delivering on items such as vaccines, a COVID relief package that will put thousands of dollars into people’s pockets, and going about the business of governing that will boost the economy and improve the lives of tens of millions of voters.

One White House official even used Dr. Seuss to mock the Republican obsession with such frivolous matters as toys and children’s books:

“Republicans may complain, but they’re still in thrall
To a President who acted like a Neanderthal

“Instead of coming together, the flames they fan
When they should be working with Joe on the Rescue Plan

“Cry, whine, and gnash their teeth as they may
It’s actually the Republicans who are in disarray!”

What’s next for Republicans? Well, the way things are going, they’ll probably be claiming that defeating coronavirus is a bad thing and a communist plot. Then they’ll tell us to stop wearing masks and refuse to take the COVID vaccine. Sadly, millions of people will believe them and follow them off the cliff like so many lemmings.

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