An internal FBI report has chilling news about white supremacists: They’re eagerly trying to join police forces and the military so they can commit violent acts against minority groups, ABC News reports:

“Based on investigations between 2016 and 2020, agents and analysts with the FBI’s division in San Antonio concluded that white supremacists and other right-wing extremists would ‘very likely seek affiliation with military and law enforcement entities in furtherance of’ their ideologies, according to a confidential intelligence assessment issued late last month.”

The conclusions of the report, which was distributed to law enforcement agencies across the country, are based in large part on information from informants, some of whom are said to have “excellent access.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), chairman of the House Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee, said the report is proof-positive that has been too slow in dealing with the issue of white supremacists and other extremists infiltrating police forces and the American military:

“When we asked the FBI last year to testify about white supremacists executing plans to infiltrate law enforcement entities across America, the bureau refused and told us it had no evidence that racist infiltration was a problem. Now, the January insurrection — and the growing evidence of off-duty law enforcement officers being involved in the attack on Congress — and this newly leaked report confirm in my mind that the FBI’s failure to level with the American people about organized racist infiltration of law enforcement is having dangerous and deadly consequences.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray has admitted in testimony to congressional committees that the bureau has been “sounding the alarm” about the growing threat from domestic terrorism for years:

“Whenever we’ve had the chance we’ve tried to emphasize that this is a top concern and remained so for the FBI. The FBI will not tolerate agitators and extremists who plan or committed violence. Period. And that goes for violent extremists, of any stripe.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Sunday that he plans to remain vigilant when it comes to making sure members of the military understand the values of the armed services:

“This is behavior that can really tear at the fabric of our institution. And so we want to make sure that our troops are reminded of what our values are, reminded of the oath that we took coming in.”

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