QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made an easily fact-checked claim about a gun control bill working its way through Congress that would improve background checks, proving that she doesn’t bother reading the legislation.

The embattled Republican who lost all of her committee assignments earlier this year over her atrocious behavior and offensive remarks has repeatedly tried blocking House Democrats from passing laws by moving to adjourn. Now she’s outright lying about bills in videos posted on Twitter.

In particularly, Greene attacked HR 8, which seeks to strengthen background checks in this country to prevent unqualified individuals from getting their hands on a gun. An overwhelming majority of Americans support universal background checks, including Republicans and gun owners themselves.

After all, if you’re a good citizen and a truly responsible person, you shouldn’t have any problem with a thorough background check to make sure you can buy a gun.

But Greene apparently can’t argue against the bill on the merits, so she has to lie about it by scaring people into believing that the bill creates a National Gun Registry.

“We all know that gun registration leads to gun confiscation,” Greene said. “We need to stop that one ASAP.”

Except page 5 of the bill specifically states that the legislation does NOT authorize such a registry, as Igor Volsky pointed out.

Let’s not forget that Greene has openly attacked and harassed survivors of school shootings, and is continuing to support a weak system that allows potential mass murderers to access firearms. This is a failure of oversight and accountability that HR 8 seeks to correct, all without impeding the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens to buy a gun.

Clearly, Green did not read the bill or she failed to read it properly. Either way, she’s an embarrassment to Congress and the nation.

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