As President Joe Biden continues to show America what it’s like to have a working president in the White House again, Fox News is attacking him because he hasn’t held a press conference yet.

On the heels of announcing that Biden will sign the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law this Friday, Fox News attempted to generate a scandal by whining about Biden’s lack of solo press conferences a mere 50 days into his presidency.

Let’s keep in mind that Biden is busy cleaning up the monumental mess disgraced former President Donald Trump left upon leaving office in January, including a pandemic that has killed 528,000 Americans, an economy in shambles, the constant threat of right-wing insurrections, a foreign policy in disarray, and executive orders that need to be reversed.

Frankly, there’s a reason why the position of White House Press Secretary exists, so that the president does not have to hold press conferences, which is not a requirement.

But since Fox News is so upset, it should be pointed out that Fox had no problem with Trump’s frequent golfing that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Trump also only held one solo press conference during his first year in office, yet Fox News did not complain then, nor did Fox News complain when Trump’s White House refused to hold press briefings for more than 300 days.

It’s beyond hypocritical for Fox News to all of a sudden feign outrage over Biden’s understandable lack of press conferences when they did not have any issue with Trump’s very real laziness.

Americans shamed Fox News on Twitter:

It should be pointed out that Biden held a town hall in February to answer questions and discuss the pandemic. He also communicates with the American people on social media without whining, bragging about himself, lying, or issuing petty insults like Trump did. Biden is doing his job every day without spending hours each day watching television and tweeting. He actually reads daily briefings and genuinely cares about working for the people. His work ethic speaks volumes, rendering press conferences unnecessary. Besides, why would Biden want to waste time fielding stupid questions from Fox News?

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