Sen. Rafael Edward Cruz (R-TX) (aka Ted) just loves to prove why he’s often called the “most hated” member of the U.S. Senate, and he did so again on Friday when he attempted to pick a fight with a CNN reporter and promptly got his ass handed to him in spectacular fashion on Twitter.

Cruz was apparently upset with remarks President Joe Biden made Thursday evening during his primetime address to the nation on the progress being made to control and eventually defeat the coronavirus pandemic which has killed 532,000 Americans so far.

Specifically, President Biden said that if we all continue to wear our masks, get vaccinated, and don’t gather in large crowds, there’s an excellent chance that we’ll have COVID-19 under control enough that we can gather with friends and family for a Fourth of July celebration.

Biden’s hopeful comments led Cruz to post this tweet:

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, “Come and take it,” it’s normally used by right-wing gun fanatics who think the government is going to confiscate their precious weapons of mass murder even though they’ve been saying that crap for decades and no one has tried to do so.

Cruz’s moronic tweet led CNN reporter Jim Sciutto to ask a very pertinent question:

Rather than respond, Cruz tried to double down on his “freedom” theme and suggest that Sciutto couldn’t comprehend the point he was trying to make:

Sciutto quickly shut the senator down with this:

Cruz has yet to respond to Sciutto, probably because he knows he’s been bested and anything he tweets in response will only serve to make him look like a bigger fool than he already does.

Featured Image Via NBC News