As Republicans now turn to the 2024 presidential election, a new photo of disgraced former President Donald Trump is making the rounds and generating speculation that he may not even make it to 2024.

Trump fanboy Nick Adams recently shared an image of Trump at Mar-a-Lago beside his dog charity thief daughter-in-law Lara Trump, with Adams laughably declaring that Trump is “looking better than ever before” and is ready for a 2024 run for the White House.

Actually, the liberals are NOT “freaking out” as Adams claims. The 2024 race won’t occur for another three years and President Joe Biden still has nearly four years left in his first term in office. Also, there’s no guarantee that Trump will even be the nominee since even CPAC attendees weren’t united on a single potential candidate.

As for the way Trump looks, many Twitter users mocked Adams because Trump looks unhealthier than when he left office in January.

Trump’s health has been a widely discussed topic for years now, fueling primary concerns that he has had a stroke or suffers from dementia. He has trouble walking down ramps, needs two hands to sip from a cup of water, can’t stay on topic, is forgetful, stands while unnaturally leaning forward, and tends to leg sweep as he walks. He is currently 74-years-old and would be 78-years-old during the 2024 campaign.

For comparison, Biden is 78-years-old and looks to be in good health. He rides bicycles, plays with his dogs and can walk up and down ramps. Conservatives have tried to portray Biden’s stuttering as a health issue, but the stuttering is something Biden has struggled with since childhood and is not connected to any underlying health problem.

Of course, Adams is clearly trying to flatter Trump in an effort to advertise his own ridiculous book comparing Trump to Reagan, which he did in a follow-up post.

The bottom line is that Trump has to make it to 2024 first before he can actually run. And even then he may not be healthy enough to do it. Besides, most Americans do not miss Trump and certainly do not want a repeat of the constant chaos of his fours years in power.

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