On Friday, the Associated Press reported that part of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort had to be shut down indefinitely and employees quarantined in response to a COVID-19 outbreak:

“An email sent to members said that service had been temporarily suspended in the club’s dining room and at its beach club because some staff members had recently tested positive. It said the club had undertaken ‘all appropriate response measures, including sanitizing affected areas,’ and that banquet and event services remain open.”

Of course, Trump himself repeatedly tried to downplay the threat posed by the virus during his failed presidency, refusing to wear a mask or encourage others to do so and assuring the American public that COVID would “disappear” just as quickly as it arrived in early 2020. His feckless response to the health crisis has resulted in the deaths of over 541,000 in the United States and cost him a second term in office.

Shortly after the AP story was released, many on Twitter noted that the Mar-a-Lago coronavirus outbreak was inevitable and that it “couldn’t happen to better people.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Featured Image Via NBC News