Disgraced former President Donald Trump is clearly frustrated that he can’t use his social media accounts anymore to bully, intimidate, and incite, which is why he is planning to launch his own platform. But former FBI agent Clint Watts warns the platform would be used to plan acts of domestic terrorism.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6th in a scheme to violently overthrow democracy by assassinating lawmakers so that Trump could remain in power. The attempted coup failed, but Trump’s loyal white supremacist supporters are still threatening future insurrections, which is why the fence around the Capitol is still up and the National Guard is still present.

One of the primary ways Trump supporters planned the January 6th insurrection was through Parler, a right-wing social media platform that has since been basically crippled after every carrier of the app dropped it or refused to host their servers. It’s now on life support via the Russians.

But now Trump himself is apparently looking to launch a social media platform that we can only assume will be named after him, therefore giving him the ability to be as cruel, racist, and sexist as he wants without the risk of being banned.

As you’ll recall, Twitter banned Trump to prevent him from inciting further violence in the wake of the insurrection.

Trump’s announcement has been widely mocked, but as terrorism expert Clint Watts pointed out on Twitter, Trump’s platform faces an uphill battle since investors will likely be wary to get involved since most of Trump’s business ideas end in bankruptcy. It’s highly likely Trump is hoping to dupe investors in order to scam them out of money to offset his financial woes. Furthermore, Trump’s platform would likely be used to incite and plan future insurrections.

Just in case Trump is not aware, inciting insurrection is a crime and he can be arrested and prosecuted for it. Potential investors should also be aware that they can be accountable as well.

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