Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) dared to offer the standard conservative “thoughts and prayers” message in the wake of the mass shooting in Boulder that claimed ten lives on Monday, at least six of whom were Asian-Americans.

A gunman murdered them at a King Soopers supermarket in what should be considered a hate crime connected to the racist rhetoric disgraced former President Donald Trump repeatedly used in describing the coronavirus as the “China virus,” which he used again in a recent statement.

Trump’s rhetoric has sparked anti-Asian hate and violence across the nation, with a mass shooting in Georgia last week that left eight dead— six of whom were of Asian descent— at the hands of yet another white male domestic terrorist.

The two shootings have sent a wave of fear across the Asian-American community, and Republicans continue to not care.

Boebert, who preaches “guns everywhere” and is demanding the ability to carry a gun on the House floor even though she supported and aided the Capitol insurrection that targeted lawmakers for assassination on January 6th, initially ignored the deadly massacre in her state in favor of bashing President Joe Biden and falsely characterizing the influx of migrants at the border as a “crisis.”

This tweet sparked instant condemnation.

The fact is that the border is not “coming apart at the seams” because the influx of migrants is seasonal and even occurred during the Trump administration. The difference is that this time we are not kidnapping children from their parents and locking them in cages. We are not denying them basic medical care. We are not denying them their human rights. It should also be pointed out that Trump dismantled our immigration system in favor of a useless wall. His policies only made the situation worse by refusing to process migrants and treating them like criminals.

The chaos in our nation, meanwhile, is only being caused by right-wing extremists who are obsessed with coup attempts and are committing mass shootings and hate crimes across the country.

And the only thing Republicans like Boebert are willing to do in response is offer “thoughts and prayers” as usual.

Americans rained hell on Boebert.

The chaos in our country is directly tied to right-wing extremists, white supremacy, guns, and the GOP. There is no doubt about it, and it’s long past due that we finally do something about it. It’s time to pass new gun restrictions and it’s time to crack down on right-wing extremism and white supremacy. And it’s time to hold Republicans politically and legally accountable for enabling and inciting this violence and hate. Until we do that, the chaos will never end and will only get worse.

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