Fox News whined because President Joe Biden had not held a press conference a mere 50 days into his presidency. Now they’re throwing a fit because he did and because he didn’t take any questions from Peter Doocy.

Doocy, of course, is the flunky son of flunky Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, which is how Peter Doocy is currently employed as the Fox News White House correspondent.

Earlier this month, the conservative network openly attacked Biden for not yet having held a press conference even though disgraced former President Donald Trump had not held one until several months further into his own first year as president and severely limited press briefings and conferences throughout his four years in office.

On Thursday, Biden held his first press conference and delivered an astounding contrast between himself and Trump by answering each question in detail and being as transparent as possible without insulting or bullying anyone in the room. In fact, Biden was the opposite of Trump and once again demolished Republican claims that he’s not fit to be president. Biden looked and acted presidential and he took questions on the variety of issues and topics after thoroughly updating the nation on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccination program. Oh, and he didn’t complain or brag about himself.

Biden even took shots at Republicans and Trump when asked why he hasn’t announced a 2024 re-election campaign yet like Trump did early in his first year.

“My predecessor needed to,” Biden quipped. “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party [in 2024].”

But Peter Doocy and Fox News were not called on to ask questions, most likely because Doocy would not ask serious questions and would rather ask about the fake Hunter Biden scandal or Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Fox News ran a chyron complaining about Biden not calling on Doocy, who laughably claimed to have a “binder of questions” he wanted to ask.

Internet ridicule followed.

The bottom line is that Biden didn’t call on Fox News and doesn’t need to because it’s a Russian propaganda machine designed to generate fake scandals. Fox News is not real news and does not ask real questions. Doocy is lucky he’s even allowed in the room after the way Fox News has treated Biden and helped Trump incite an insurrection to overthrow democracy.

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