Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made a fool of himself again this week by taking a trip to the southern border in an effort to fear monger, resulting in former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) humiliating and shaming him.

Cruz, along with several other Republican lawmakers, traveled to the border to “investigate” what is happening there as migrants cross into the United States after fleeing from violence and certain death in their own countries.

Senate Republicans called the situation at the border a “humanitarian crisis” on Twitter.

There’s an influx of migrants every year, even during the Trump administration. Of course, Republicans didn’t give a damn about humanitarianism over the last four years when Trump was ripping children from their mothers and locking them in cages.

President Biden has been working to address the situation by sending resources and personnel to the border to handle the influx, which was caused by Trump’s immigration policies that failed to process migrants in an orderly fashion and forced them to wait in Mexico, therefore resulting in what could be called a traffic jam.

As for their claim that they were heckled by cartel members and smugglers, Cruz also offered no proof of those claims and made it seem like his life was in danger.

Except that Cruz and his Republican colleagues were safe on a heavily armed Border Patrol boat, as O’Rourke pointed out.

He then shamed Cruz for pulling a border stunt instead of working for his constituents, who have suffered a lot recently.

O’Rourke then hit Cruz with immigration facts and slammed Cruz for fleeing to Cancun during the winter storm that killed over 100 Texans.

Republicans are making the situation at the border seem worse than it is. It’s mostly women and children fleeing from the very cartels Cruz claims he witnessed. It’s overflow stemming from years of Trump refusing to allow orderly border crossings and gumming up the processing system. Republicans had a chance to do something about it and all they did was lock up kids. They’re lucky they haven’t been arrested and sent to The Hague for committing crimes against humanity. And, frankly, they still should be.

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