Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow claims that his new social media site — which currently carries the name “Frank” — will soon be host to at least a billion people who will be free to spread whatever lies and conspiracy theories they want without any censorship or interference, damn the consequences.

Speaking to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, Lindell gladly sang the praises of his new venture, which has gone live, but features nothing but a static home page according to Newsweek:

“It is going to be the most safest, securest and able to handle a hundred, two hundred, a billion people.”

Lindell, who was booted off Twitter in January for spreading lies and misinformation about the 2020 election, also told Bannon that his site will be hosted by computer servers that he owns so that tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and YouTube can’t refuse to provide content on their platforms or with the use of their servers:

“None of these guys are going to be able to take this down. We’re gonna all come over there. All the influencers… all these people that can’t say on their podcasts the word ‘Dominion,’ or they can’t say ‘vaccine, a vaccine is bad for you.’

“They are going to be able to speak out and speak freely and it’s going to be amazing. The voices of hundreds of millions of people are going to be heard.”

Be sure and note Lindell’s mention of Dominion, a reference to Dominion Voting Systems. They’ve filed at $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit for his endless lies about their voting machines and software supposedly “stealing” the presidential election for Joe Biden.

While Lindell and others like him may have dreams of being the next big thing in social media, it pays to mention that the road is littered with hundreds of other platforms that have come and gone over the years. While Twitter and Facebook may have their problems and limitations, they’re still the biggest dogs on the block and probably aren’t very worried about “Frank” or any other right-wing dreck site that wants to challenge them.

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