A Missouri Republican said the quiet part out loud for all of America to hear this week when he voiced his opposition to expanding Medicaid in the state by claiming to be “proud to stand against the will of the people” who voted for it.

Missouri voters passed an amendment to the state Constitution last year to expand Medicaid, which would provide healthcare to hundreds of thousands of those who can’t afford health insurance.

This is a constitutional amendment backed by the majority of Missouri voters, yet Republicans are blocking state funding even though even more federal dollars would flow to the state coffers to cover most of the costs.

One Missouri Republican recently argued that the will of the people should be ignored because rural voters who opposed the measure somehow count more.

Again, those rural voters who voted against the amendment LOST. The amendment passed and should be implemented immediately.

But GOP state Rep. Justin Hill, who missed his own swearing-in ceremony so he could take part in the Capitol insurrection to overthrow democracy for disgraced former President Donald Trump in January, called Medicaid expansion a “lie” and expressed pride about blocking the will of the majority of the people.

“Even though my constituents voted for this lie, I’m going to protect them. I am proud to stand against the will of the people,” Hill told colleagues according to the Kansas City Star, which blasted Hill and Republicans.

The competition for the looniest argument against expanding Medicaid in Missouri was stiff Tuesday, but state Rep. Justin Hill, a Republican, took the prize. Hill, from Lake St. Louis, wandered away from the outer edges of sanity some time ago. He skipped his own swearing-in to attend the insurrectionist rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6. He has repeatedly questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election…. Tuesday, during the House debate on Medicaid expansion, Hill slapped his voters in the face.

The editorial board also argued for expansion.

Business people, social workers and others stood on the floor repeating the facts: Missouri has more than enough money to extend health insurance coverage to the working poor. Expanding Medicaid will actually bring more money into the state.

The newspaper also pointed out that Republicans committed hypocrisy because they refused to support an amendment that would eliminate their own taxpayer-funded healthcare since they are so opposed to what they consider “socialism.”

At one point Tuesday, an amendment was offered to end taxpayer-supported health insurance for members of the (Missouri) General Assembly until Medicaid is expanded. It lost, of course. Health care for lawmakers is essential. For you, it’s a slow march to socialism.

When it comes right down to it, Republicans don’t care about the will of the people or the Constitution. They only care about themselves. That’s why they should all be ousted from government.

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