Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) stepped on a landmine on April Fool’s Day of all days when he foolishly attacked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for wanting to abolish ICE.

ICE, of course, acted as disgraced former President Donald Trump’s personal stormtroopers over the last four years along with Border Patrol, both of which locked kids in cages after ripping them away from their parents simply for crossing the border.

The increased militancy and aggressiveness of ICE is the reason why AOC has been calling for it to be abolished.

But Cruz attacked her over that position on Thursday because of the seasonal increase in migrants this year.

Ted Cruz is literally advocating for cruelty and inhumanity at the border to prevent immigration. It’s un-American and immoral and he should be ashamed of himself for cheerleading such a strategy, especially since it ultimately does not work anyway. The main reason why immigration dropped last year is because of the coronavirus pandemic, not any policy Trump instituted.

AOC soon fired back by reminding Texas that Cruz fled to Mexico during the winter storm that claimed over 100 lives in February, suggested that Mexico should deny him entry next time he tries to travel there, and noted his resignation is overdue.

When will Ted Cruz learn not to attack AOC? All he does is embarrass himself.

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