Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his fellow Republicans are now moving to retaliate against Major League Baseball for daring to stand against the voter suppression law passed by Georgia Republicans last month.

Major League Baseball announced in a statement on Friday that it has pulled the All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of the law as boycotts increase of any company or corporation that does not speak out against it and take action to pressure lawmakers to repeal it.

The new Jim Crow law bars anyone from giving water or food to people waiting in long lines to vote, drastically restricts absentee voting, and slashes opportunities for people of color to vote, all in a clear scheme to stay in power as Georgia swings more Democratic.

Just as Georgia Republicans recently retaliated against Delta Airlines for criticizing the new law, Republicans are now targeting Major League Baseball. Of course, they are doing it after disgraced former President Donald Trump told them to do it.

Twitter users defended MLB.

The fact is that any retaliatory legislation the GOP dreams up to punish corporations that oppose their anti-American policies won’t go anywhere because Democrats hold the majority in the House and Senate and control the White House. The only thing this retaliation proves is that Republicans only support corporations that go along with their agenda. They clearly never supported free markets just as they don’t care about democracy. It’s time for corporate America to step up like MLB and stick it to Republicans. Because free markets won’t thrive if democracy dies.

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