Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) got his a** handed to him on Saturday when he tried to pander to Texans in some sort of awkward attempt to reconcile with them after abandoning them for the warm weather of Cancun as his constituents froze to death back in February.

The NCAA Final Four featured two Texas teams facing each other in one of the two games to determine who will play for the championship. Baylor versus Houston proved to be an exciting game, and one that Cruz tried to use to pander to Texas voters by wearing apparel from both teams and tweeting about it.

Let’s face it, Cruz does not represent the entire state of Texas, only those who voted for him and sometimes not even them. First of all, Cruz is not a lifelong Houston resident. He was born in Canada and did not live in Houston until he was 4. He also lived in New Jersey and Massachusetts during his college education.

Cruz couldn’t even be bothered to drink a Texas beer while pandering to Texans, choosing instead to drink a Sam Adams from liberal Massachusetts. And, once again, let’s not forget that Cruz fled Texas during the winter storm that killed nearly 200 Texans.

Texans and other Twitter users ripped him a new one.

In the end, Baylor won the game, but the only real loser is Ted Cruz.

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