On Easter Sunday, conservatives hypocritically attacked First Lady Jill Biden for daring to wear a pair of tights that featured a design on them, suggesting that she was attempting to present herself as younger than she is, but their whining only served to make them look downright pathetic.

According to InStyle, the outfit Mrs. Biden wore was both tasteful and timely:

“Amid a chaotic day of First Lady duties and elaborate pranks, Biden also wore an unexpected (though greatly appreciated) outfit. Jill paired a set of black floral fishnet tights, black heeled booties, a semi-pleated leather skirt, and a fitted black blazer. Think: Early aughts emo meets White House matriarch.”

But from the postings made on social media by right-wingers and Trump acolytes, you’d have thought the current first lady had just posed nude for photos that appeared in a men’s magazine. You know, kind of like Melania Trump did before conservatives began laughably hailing her as the next Jackie Kennedy. Take a look:

Fortunately, there was plenty of pushback from those who came to Mrs. Biden’s defense:

Featured Image Via Twitter