Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) stuck his foot in his mouth again on Tuesday by demanding that corporations “stay out of politics” after several big businesses came out in opposition of a voter suppression law passed by Georgia Republicans.

The backlash against the new Jim Crow law has only been increasing in recent days as Major League Baseball, Delta, Coca-Cola and many others publicly condemn it. And Republicans have been throwing a fit about it ever since.

In fact, McConnell even went so far as to demand corporations “stay out of politics” even though he still wants them to donate money to campaigns.

“My warning to corporate America is to stay out of politics,” McConnell said. “I’m not talking about political contributions. Most [corporations] contribute to both sides … that’s fine, it’s legal and appropriate, I support that. I’m talking about taking a position on a highly incendiary issue like this and punishing a community or state because you don’t like a particular law. I just think it’s stupid.”

McConnell also accused corporations of becoming a “vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Remember when Republicans incited their supporters to storm the Capitol in January to overthrow democracy even though President Joe Biden won the election fair and square? I do. That was a true attempt to “hijack our country outside the constitutional order,” and one that Republicans not only aided and abetted, they refused to punish disgraced former President Donald Trump for it.

Also, I recall Republicans claiming that corporations are people who have constitutional free speech rights. In fact, Republicans have been letting corporations write bills for them for years. But here’s McConnell telling corporations to “stay out of politics” unless they want to give him or other politicians money.

Clearly, Republicans only have a problem with corporations now because they are voicing opposition to voter suppression laws in red states.

Americans scorched “Moscow” Mitch for his hypocrisy.

Corporations need to shut down donations to Republicans immediately. Then watch how fast Republicans repeal the Georgia law so that contributions can resume.

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