Republicans are so desperate to attack President Joe Biden that Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) is now complaining because Biden isn’t posting chaotic unhinged tweets like disgraced former President Donald Trump did.

Since taking office in January, Biden has been low-key on Twitter. He uses it to inform the public, advocate for policy, and make statements after tragedies. What he does NOT do is bully people, perpetuate hate, whine, lie, spread conspiracy theories, or incite violence as Trump did over the last four years.

It’s refreshing to have a president who acts presidential on Twitter instead of a raging lunatic. But Cornyn apparently misses the chaos of a constantly tweeting tantrum-throwing president. So he complained about it.

Biden is busy working to get the country past the coronavirus pandemic and other messes Trump left upon leaving office. He doesn’t have time to appear on cable news or go golfing. He doesn’t have an “executive time” for watching television and tweeting as Trump did. He’s doing the job Americans elected him to do, and they appreciate having a president who is informative and respectful on Twitter. They know they can wake up every morning and not wonder what bullsh*t the president has tweeted out overnight.

Twitter users mocked Cornyn in response.

Sanity and decency are not a scandal. Republicans are pathetic for trying to make it one. After all the abuse and hate Trump hurled on Twitter for years culminating in an insurrection at the Capitol that could have gotten Cornyn and other lawmakers killed on January 6th— an attack that finally resulted in Trump being permanently banned on Twitter— Republicans should be commending Biden’s responsible use of social media. Instead, they are pining for hate-fueled meltdowns and personal attacks. Make no mistake, the GOP is still Trump’s party.

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