Disgraced former President Donald Trump is still publicly pretending he never lost the 2020 Election and is somehow still president, but he’s admitting he is no longer president in court in an effort to keep his tax returns hidden.

Trump has been desperate to keep his tax returns under wraps even though he promised to release them during the 2016 Election, a promise he withdrew as soon as the election was over. Congress has legally sought his taxes citing a key law passed decades ago, but Trump still refused to hand the documents over and former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin helped him hide them.

In response, New York passed a law allowing the state to hand over Trump’s taxes to Congress, which Trump has fought in court every step of the way until the Supreme Court literally ordered him to hand over his tax returns.

Now Trump is arguing that the New York law no longer applies to him because he’s no longer president, but Judge Carl Nichols dismissed the case because he doesn’t have jurisdiction over New York seeing as how he serves the District of Columbia. So, Trump is apparently filing a new case in New York, which is currently investigating him and his business for various crimes.

According to Bloomberg:

Donald Trump said a New York law enabling Congress to ask for his state tax returns no longer applies because he isn’t president. The law, known as the Trust Act, allows the state to share the president’s tax information with a congressional committee that asks for it. Trump sued the House and Ways and Means Committee to block it from requesting information.

Trump had also sued the New York attorney general’s office and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to block them from handing over the information to Congress. Nichols dismissed the case against the New York defendants, saying he had no jurisdiction over them, but said that Trump could file his lawsuit in that state. The case against the House Ways and Means Committee was allowed to go on.

We already know that Trump’s tax returns are going to be damning. After all, he evaded paying taxes on $300 million of income based on previously discovered tax returns.

Clearly, there are more dark secrets in Trump’s tax returns since he is fighting so hard to keep them hidden. He argued that we couldn’t see his taxes because he’s president, and now he arguing we can’t see them because he isn’t president. He can’t have it both ways.

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