Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price made it his mission to take care of his employees six years ago, prompting Fox News and conservatives to predict that his “socialist” company would fall apart, only for him to get the last laugh after productivity and profits soared.

Corporate America and the Republican Party have long resisted raising the minimum wage arguing that doing so is somehow bad for business. When Price made headlines by deciding to pay each of his 120 employees $70,000 a year, conservative media rushed to ridicule the move by accusing him of socialism and predicting that his employees would be waiting in bread lines soon enough.

Instead, not only did his employees flourish, his company grew to employ 200 people and profits jumped from $3 billion to a whopping $10 billion. Gravity Payments employees are happy and they are contributing to the economy by buying homes and cars while starting families because they can afford to do so.

This week, Price took aim at Fox News in a video posted on Twitter in celebration of his company’s success.

He then went on to explain how his company and his employees have benefited from his policy and why he instituted it in the first place.

Despite claims of doom and gloom from conservatives, Price did right by his employees as any good employer should and proved in the process that taking care of one’s employees is what’s really good for business and the overall economy. That’s why raising the minimum wage should be a top priority and why Republicans can’t be trusted. If they had their way, we’d all be standing in bread lines.

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