According to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, President Joe Biden’s speech shortly after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree murder for the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on the topic of “systematic racism” in the United States is Chinese propaganda meant to harm the country.

During an appearance on Fox Business Wednesday morning, host Maria Bartiromo told Gingrich:

“Instead of coming out and having a neutral, fair tone while we all needed to be lifted up, you have President Biden and Vice President Harris yesterday trashing America, telling us we are systemic racists.”

That’s when Gingrich launched into his Chinese propaganda rant:

“If I were the Chinese communist propagandists, I would just go on vacation. “The president and vice president of the United States condemning America. This really does verge on a pathology that they hate their own country so much that they give the world a totally false impression.”

Hating racism is hating your country? That’s some upside-down logic, Newt.

Bartiromo agreed with the former speaker:

“It’s a sad day, it really is. All they said was how systemically racist we are.”

Gingrich added:

“If we were, in fact, systemically racist, how did the system convict a white policeman? It’s a repudiation of their entire worldview to look at that and realize the system worked.”

That led Bartiromo to suggest that since Americans elected Barack Obama, there simply cannot be racism in the country:

“You just articulated why I was so upset after I heard those speeches yesterday. I thought this is not a time for this now. And by the way, if we’re so systemically racist, why did we elect a black man to be the leader of the free world and have him serve two terms? President Barack Obama.

“I mean, explain that to me if we’re so racist.”

Really, Maria?! That’s about as pathetic as claiming that you can’t possibly have a racist bone in your body you have lots of black friends.

There is and always has been systematic racism in this country. If conservatives want to close their eyes to that fact, then they’re part of the problem.

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