Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been whining about Democratic efforts to make Washington DC a state and expand voting rights across the country by characterizing them as “power grabs,” a hypocritical complaint CNN called him out for this week.

Disgraced former President Donald Trump literally incited an insurrection in a failed attempt to overthrow democracy so he could stay in power, yet Graham is running around the various media outlets wailing about Democratic legislation that would make voting easier and more accessible to everyone and complaining about the push for DC statehood, referring to both as a “power grab.”

Neither effort is a “power grab.” We’re talking about passing laws in Congress, not a coup. Republicans would just have to earn election victories instead of stealing them. That’s what they are really complaining about.

But Graham’s cries of “power grab” are quite hypocritical considering Trump incited an insurrection to stay in power. Trump also abused his power with Graham’s blessing on several other occasions as CNN host John Berman pointed out.

For example, Graham supported Trump’s national emergency declaration to move money appropriated by Congress for other purposes to fund an unauthorized border wall.

“On the wall, he said, ‘It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of the border wall,'” Berman noted. “It’s time to grab power!”

Graham really did declare that “It’s time to grab power!”

In addition, Graham tried to pressure Georgia election officials to rig the vote count for Trump, which he is now under criminal investigation for doing.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Graham has been following Trump around like a good little lackey for four years supporting his authoritarian power grabs even though they were a clear abuse of presidential power and a violation of the Constitution. Nothing Democrats are doing is a violation of the Constitution and their efforts are pro-democracy. That’s literally what our nation is supposed to be all about.

If Republicans can’t handle it, they need to resign and let others rise to the challenge of winning over voters instead of suppressing them.

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