Ohio Republicans have a costly idea to suck up to disgraced former President Donald Trump by sticking taxpayers for $300,000 to rename Mosquito Lake State Park after him.

Everybody knows that Trump wants his name on stuff. His vanity and ego demand it. For instance, he wanted the coronavirus vaccine to be named for him even though his incompetent response to the pandemic resulted in over 560,000 dead Americans in the span of a year. Trump has also sought to have an airport named after him, and wanted a military base named after him as well.

Of course, in no way does Trump deserve such honors, especially since he incited an insurrection on January 6th in attempt to overthrow democracy so he could stay in power. He’s also been impeached twice and is a one-term president who is despised by most Americans.

But Ohio State Rep. Mike Loychik (R) introduced a bill to rename a state park after Trump.

“This legislation is meant to honor the commitment and dedication that our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, bestowed upon the great people of Trumbull County,” Loychik explained in a statement. “This enthusiasm for our former president was also historic throughout the state of Ohio last November as he pushed for initiatives and policies that was very well-received with my constituency and the state.”

Clearly, Loychik and the GOP have forgotten that Trump attacked Goodyear, a major company based in Ohio that employs thousands in the state. More than 19,000 Ohioans have died of coronavirus because of Trump’s refusal to take the virus seriously. Unemployment in the state hit 8 percent in Trump’s final year in office. Furthermore, Mosquito Lake State Park is a wildlife refuge, and we all know that Trump didn’t give a damn about wildlife and the environment.

The cost to taxpayers is also wasteful considering the problems Ohio faces, as State Rep. Rich Brown (D) pointed out on Twitter in criticism of the bill.

Even the state Department of Natural Resources opposes the proposed name change.

“The name has withstood the test of time. Mosquito Creek Lake was formed by damming Mosquito Creek back in 1944,” the department said. “Since then, Mosquito Lake State Park has become one of Ohio’s best state parks, best fishing lakes, and has one of Ohio’s most important wildlife refuges.”

In addition, Trump is not even from Ohio and has never lived there. He also only won the state in 2020 by eight points, a number that would likely shrink because of the insurrection.

If Republicans want to honor a president by renaming a state park for them, Ohio has produced eight presidents for them to choose from, including Ulysses Grant, William McKinley, and William Taft, all of whom have legacies that eclipse Trump’s tainted legacy of death, authoritarianism, and childish temper tantrums.

This scheme by Ohio Republicans is nothing more than sycophantic worship of a clown who does not deserve any honors or praise. He deserves to be shunned and his name forgotten.

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