President Joe Biden’s call for Americans to get vaccinated so they can spend July 4th celebrating with their friends and family sent Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) into a hissy fit on Twitter.

With over 200 million Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus, Biden spoke to the nation this week and delivered an update on our progress to defeat the virus and return to normal. Just months away from July 4th celebrations that were superspreader events last year because disgraced former President Donald Trump refused to take the pandemic seriously, Biden urged gatherings in small groups of family and friends, but only after everyone is vaccinated.

“To celebrate our independence from this virus on July 4th with family and friends in small groups, we still have more to do in the months of May and June. We all need to mask up until the number of cases goes down, until everyone has a chance to get their shot,” Biden said.

It’s the smart idea that protects American lives and gives us the incentive to get vaccinated so we can finally move forward. But Boebert took to Twitter to whine.

Actually, Biden can restrict celebrations on federal property by imposing necessary CDC guidelines in an effort to prevent July 4th events from becoming superspreader events. Of course, no one, including Biden, is saying that he’ll cancel July 4th. Biden is just being more responsible than Trump. Boebert would understand that if she were a real adult.

Americans responded to her bizarre post by mocking her.

Indeed, Boebert is a hypocrite for whining about July 4th when just a few months ago she was aiding a right-wing insurrection to overthrow democracy. Had Trump’s supporters succeeded, July 4th truly would have been canceled because we would no longer be a free nation. We’d be under the bootheel of an authoritarian regime.

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