Fox host Brian Kilmeade is angry that polls show the vast majority of Americans favor raising taxes on the wealthy to help pay for things such as rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, warning that such thinking is “socialism.”

On Wednesday morning’s “Fox & Friends,” the discussion was about a proposal from the Biden administration which would increase income and capital gains taxes on the wealthiest Americans, which led Kilmeade to remark that a majority of the public would never support such a plan.

However, co-host Steve Doocy hit Kilmeade with some cold water in the form of public opinion polls:

“No, no. They’re okay with raising taxes on the rich.”

Faced with that information, Kilmeade suggested that raising taxes on high-income earners was similar to wanting to go to Disneyland each and every day:

“If you ask people, ‘Do you want to go to Disneyland every day,’ that’s popular! But is it logical, is it feasible, is it practical? No!… Most American people know that you can’t be sober and expect all these free things and have a capitalist, free-market society!”

That led Ainsley Earhardt to say that more Americans are willing to tax the rich because they’ve been getting stimulus checks from the Treasury:

“If you used to have a job pre-covid, and now you are getting a paycheck from the government and it’s more than what you made, they like that! Even though it’s our money.”

An angry and exasperated Kilmeade concluded:

“That is called socialism!”

Actually, it’s called fairness in taxation and taking care of people at a time of dire need. But based on what the gang at Fox is spouting, we should have allowed millions of our fellow citizens to be booted out of their homes and into the streets, starving and in need of help.

Social Security is a form of socialism. So is Medicare. And yet those are two of the most popular government programs ever created.

How do you know conservatives have lost the debate on taxation? When they start up their shrill whining about socialism and “our money.” If the “Fox & Friends” hosts feel so oppressed, they should book a flight, renounce their citizenship, and go live elsewhere.

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