Having failed miserably in their attempt to smear President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, a right-wing group is now training its sights on the presidential dogs, Champ and Major.

Bess Levin of Vanity Fair notes that Judicial Watch believes there’s a massive conspiracy and cover-up involving the presidential pooches:

In a press release issued on Tuesday, Judicial Watch announced that it had filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for “records of communication between Secret Service officials assigned to the White House regarding the Biden family dogs.” The suit was filed after the Secret Service, which Judicial Watch apparently thinks has nothing better to do, “failed to process records in a timely manner in response to a March 10, 2021, FOIA request.” That request sought “All records of communications between USSS officials responsible for protection at the White House regarding the Biden family dogs, named Champ and Major,” and was apparently inspired by the news that Major had nipped at two individuals at the White House.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton released a statement which reads:

“The public has a right to know the details about any incident in which Secret Service personnel were injured by President Biden’s dog. We have no doubt that Major and Champ are good dogs but politicians and bureaucrats can’t be trusted.”

Don’t you feel so much safer knowing that Judicial Watch is going to bring accountability to the Biden canines?

However, this may only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the presidential pet scandal of the decade. After all, the Bidens have announced they’ll soon be adding a cat to the first family, and that could well blow the lid off the White House and pets, especially if the new feline gets caught in possession of catnip or begins violating the rights of any mice it may happen to chase and catch. Shouldn’t the mouse have a right to tell its side of the story, too?

Rest easy, Judicial Watch is all over this scandal.

Featured Image Via the White House