Granted, Fox News isn’t exactly known for having strong journalistic standards, but an article posted on Fox’s website Wednesday marks a new low for the network’s already sullied reputation.

According to the article, a nationwide shortage of “signature sauce” at Chick-fil-A restaurants can be blamed on President Joe Biden. The proof? They cited remarks made by Republican political figures.

The article in question contains this bit of idiocy:

“Amid the massive fuel shortage in several states as a result of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, Chick-fil-A is reportedly facing a short supply of its signature sauce.

“Following multiple reports of the popular fast food restaurant limiting how many Chick-fil-A sauce packets each customer is allowed, social media users took to Twitter to express their outrage – not at the restaurant – but at President Joe Biden.”

The stupid; it burns.

It didn’t take long before the mockery of Fox’s “news standards” began in response to their Chick-fil-A report:

Maybe Fox can have an interview with the Loch Ness Monster for an encore.

Featured Image Via Fox News